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Acompany | Embedding digital and making it stick | Team: David Geuens

David Geuens

Strategist/Coach & Founder

I began my career as an innovation consultant in the US where I came across the CPS v6.1™ method to help guide the change process within organizations. Once back in Belgium I used this method extensively in my careers in advertising, marketing and digital. The real power of the framework lays in the fact that on the one hand you leverage the expertise of the people within the organization but you also address all aspects needed to do an impactful transition. This becomes even more relevant when dealing with digital transformation because when dealing with change, the journey is as important as the destination. The result of this process are ideas that are translated in concrete solutions in line with the business and the user.

Acompany | Embedding digital and making it stick | Nick Oostvogels

Nick Oostvogels

Coach/Product Manager & Founder

I have helped many companies with creating innovative digital products. Thanks to my broad experience in dozens of industries I can challenge new ideas and get them online. But that’s not all. In all cases people are involved who have to cope with the change. As a coach I help the organization to adapt and improve their way of working. My mindset is entrepreneurial, always thinking about the next step. I will help your organization to reach the next level and secure its future.

Acompany | Embedding digital and making it stick

Dirk Bielen

UX & Service Design

I like to look at design in the broadest sense: it’s a thinking process where function and experience come together as a whole. With empathy, I look at the challenges that organizations face to define the added value and translate this in the entire design. To do this in a successful and impactful way, I can rely on my experience in IT, advertising and branding.

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