High performing team to execute the ambition to grow

Since 1926, STIHL is known as a pioneer of innovative technologies. It develops, produces, and sells a large assortment of garden equipment. In line with their ambition to grow, a digital transformation was inevitable. ACOMPANY guided the transition to a high performing team to execute this ambition focusing on structure, management, and supporting leadership.


Insight in teamwork

To obtain the problem definition, clear interviews were conducted, and all team members took the VIEW assessment about problem-solving style preferences. This led to a better understanding of preferences, structure, and leadership.

Co-creation with the team

We carried this out in co-creation with the team members, based on the understanding of their preferences, roles, responsibilities, and team rules were created. Also, success factors were determined, and expectations were established. On top of this, there was also coaching on internal conflicts and working as one team.

Self-steering team structure

The process resulted in a self-steering team structure.

Coaching & training

In the Land phase, we provided team coaching and training to implement the new way of working, facilitating retrospectives and conversation, and evaluating the team’s delivered work. Besides this, there was also individual coaching and training about the new roles, alignment with management, and interaction with stakeholders.

This is what our client is saying about our collaboration

To achieve Andres Stihl Benelux’ ambition to grow and to guarantee the success of our Digital Transformation, having a high performing team was crucial. ACOMPANY helped us to gain insight into the style preferences of our team members and to set up a structure for collaboration including codes of conduct and specific roles. By means of a change coaching track, they made sure that this vision actually got implemented and became a part of our day to day way of working.

Ivo De Schepper
Sales & Marketing Manager Andreas Stihl Benelux