These clients have already counted on us

Below you can find some of our clients we worked for the last couple of years. Because of our sector ànd technology independent approach it is applicable in every situation. Both large and small organizations can benefit from our services.



SNCB’s digital transformation is all about simplifying the It landscape, lowering the maintenance cost, responding quicker to business needs and speeding up the delivery process. To execute this from the center of the organization, an architecture center of excellence was created and staffed with senior digital and IT profiles.

To streamline this transformation, ACOMPANY was our sounding board to define the vision, the strategy, and the change approach. Once this was defined, they facilitated the execution of the strategy cross departments to ensure end to end value was delivered.

ACOMPANY dedicated a mix of profiles (Chief Architect, Program Manager and Change manager) to be able to guarantee impact on every aspect that needed to be tackled in the transformation.

Tim Groenwals

Head of IT strategy, Enterprise Architecture & CISO at YPTO

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For the development of our new webtool, supporting the different HR processes of BASF Antwerp, ACOMPANY provided the service design concept. The creative touch of ACOMPANY together with their customer centric approach led to a very intuitive user interface. Because of this, HR staff members were enthusiastic to start using the new tool from day one.

Tom De Roover

Head of Business Process Management and Information Management BASF

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ACOMPANY guided us in the co-creation and implementation of a toolbox for Business and Process Analysts who work on big business projects. Because of this toolbox, which can be adjusted to each project context (agile, digital, waterfall, hybrid,…), we can work in a more efficient and adaptive way.

Fabienne Bogaers

Director Digital & Omnichannel Solutions Telenet

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To achieve Andres Stihl Benelux’ ambition to grow and to guarantee the success of our Digital Transformation, having a high performing team was crucial. ACOMPANY helped us to gain insight into the style preferences of our team members and to set up a structure for collaboration including codes of conduct and specific roles. By means of a change coaching track, they made sure that this vision actually got implemented and became a part of our day to day way of working.

Ivo De Schepper

Sales & Marketing Manager Andreas Stihl Benelux

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As part of our digital transformation, the Business Process Managers (BPM’s) needed to align the processes of all different European Opco’s. ACOMPANY coached our BPM’s in their role as a facilitator between business and IT, showing a good mix of professionality and flexibility.

Kris Feys



Due to the fact that our business has been growing the last couple of years, the development of a new ERP was crucial. As a large SME we wanted to tackle this in a more structured way so we asked ACOMPANY to facilitate the process. They approached this from a Digital Transformation perspective and optimized every process but also involved our customers and suppliers. The result was great and our future vision was translated in a service design concept and roadmap. Afterwards a Digital Transformation Manager has managed the implementation and facilitated the change process.

Frank Rombouts

Managing Director

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As Belgian Nuclear Research Centre SCK CEN and management board members of the H2020 project RadoNorm, one of our assignments is to investigate why people don’t act and remediate their houses for Radon gas. We looked for a partner to design and facilitate several Design Thinking Workshops to understand what drives people and to co-create solutions. ACOMPANY trained our researchers in the Creative Problem Solving 6.1TM method and facilitated workshops to understand what the barriers were but also design solutions with the resource group. It was a fruitful collaboration, and the method was later applied by SCK CEN in other EU countries. The workshops contributed to academic research at the University of Antwerp.

Tanja Perko, PhD

Senior researcher and project leader at SCK CEN

ACOMPANY has helped streamline the processes & roles within the Bose Consumer Research & Insights team. Coming from different backgrounds & spread across the globe, our team needed some help to identify the biggest hurdles and come up with solutions to improve the speed & quality of our output. ACOMPANY quickly understood our challenges and came with solutions that were very well-tailored to our way of working. We have implemented the new processes and can already see the impact of the ACOMPANY improvements.

PJ De Queker

Director of Consumer Research & Insights at BOSE

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For the transformation of our company into a Full-Service Digital Agency, we needed internal skills to manage projects in an agile context. To build these capabilities in house we contacted ACOMPANY to train our Digital Project manager and help them reach a higher level of performance.

Steffen Brans

CEO Appwise-Wisemen

At the start of the transformation of our Technology and Product Studio we realized that we needed insights in regard of the bright spots and attention points to increase the relevance for our employees. ACOMPANY created this framework through the development of a tailor-made assessment and the interpretation of the outcomes. Their presentation of the outcomes helped us to emphasize the right elements. 

Tom van Baarle

Transformation Lead Mediahuis


Being a software, hardware, and research organization, it was RSscan International’s ambition to improve our internal efficiency and to provide every employee with a development track to gain maximum personal growth. To accomplish this, ACOMPANY helped us to gain insight in the style preferences of every employee and made our organization self-steering based on a clear roadmap with clear priorities. This resulted in the fact that every employee can contribute to our vision and there is maximal growth for the company due to the growth of our employees.

Friso Hagman

CEO RSscan International


Jakobus & Corneel is a fast-growing communication agency and therefore we had the urgent need to select new tools and systems. To make sure we did our search in the most efficient way, we asked ACOMPANY for help. With their expertise we were able to translate our strategic ambitions, our internal processes and requirements into an advice tailored to the needs of our organization. 

Wouter Zeelmaekers

Zaakvoerder Jakobus&Corneel

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Although we are a Round Table producing company located in the Netherlands we are asked to organize these Round Tables in Belgium quite often. For this we were looking for an independent, native speaking Flemish moderator because our clients didn’t have the necessary ‘click’ with the Dutch moderators we were working with. David is the perfect solution because he is flexible, thinks along and is extremely well received with our clients and participants. We hope our partnership with ACOMPANY will last long.

Monique Heeren

Round Table Producer Paddls

ACOMPANY facilitated different workshops to Bridge the minds of senior experts and companies to find inspiration, opportunities and solutions together to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Lisa Riti

Organisator Beyond Digital