Service design concept for HR webtool

The war for talent is something BASF is experiencing every day. That’s why they needed an HR tool. The ambition was to make it a future-proof IT solution with a clear focus on the user. We opted for a service design approach to find an overarching concept that would meet and even exceed the user’s expectations.


Personas & top tasks

To obtain a clear view of the internal problems, the needs of the internal employees within the different departments, and how the different departments related internally, we conducted a Think phase. Amongst other things, we conducted a situation analysis, a user journey mapping of the different departments and personas with specific top tasks were created.

Wireframes & service design

After various mappings to get a clear overview of the needs, a service design concept was created and described more thoroughly using wireframes.


In the Steer phase, we project-managed the HRconnectIT webtool by conducting project planning, drafting the business case, keeping to the budget and scope, and reporting to senior management.

This is what our client is saying about our collaboration

For the development of our new webtool, supporting the different HR processes of BASF Antwerp, ACOMPANY provided the service design concept. The creative touch of ACOMPANY together with their customer centric approach led to a very intuitive user interface. Because of this, HR staff members were enthusiastic to start using the new tool from day one.

Tom De Roover
Head of Business Process Management and Information Management BASF