This is how we help with our digital transformation services

With a structured and evidence-based approach for our digital transformation services, we guide the digital transformation of your organization in 4 steps, taking into account both the rational and emotional aspects of the transformation.

High Performing Expert Teams are at the heart of our digital transformation services

To guarantee the impact of our digital transformation services, we work in high performing expert teams. Each team is a multi-disciplinary team (architect, program manager, change manager,…) that has dedicated time to prepare client interactions and make sure all aspects are considered up front.

This way time at client’s side is used as efficient as possible. Because we operate as an agency you just get more expertise for the same price.

From the heart of the Expert team, we can tap into different digital transformation services.

Strategic services

C-level Facilitation & Moderation

Ensuring that C- level speaks with one voice, fresh insights are considered and there is focus.

Envisioning Tracks (Vision, mission,…)

The purpose, supported vision, and mission determine the frame to keep everybody on track.

Design Thinking

Analyzing the needs of the market and the internal staff to make sure interventions are relevant.

Strategy formulation & definition of objectives

Bridging the gap between reality and vision by choosing strategic themes with clear objectives to set priorities.

Change Management & Communication support

Embedding change management into every intervention and act as sounding board/coach for sponsor, individuals & teams for higher impact.

Architectural services

Target Enterprise Business Design & Definition

Designing holistic business views based on capabilities, end-to-end value delivery, information, processes & organizational structure so there is a blueprint available.

Target Enterprise IT Design & Definition

Designing a holistic plan of how the organization’s technology assets must function and relate to support the vision.

Transformation Roadmap & Budget Definition

Defining and designing the sequential transition of the corporate organization to the future state with an indication of necessary budgets.

Solution Architecture & RFP Guidance

Designing a high-level design of the solution covering process design, system design, non-functionals, information models, technology choices for a better vendor selection.

Execution services

Managing Programs & Transitions (PM)

Visualizing the objectives and setting priorities based on program management principles and considering change management principles to increase productivity.

Optimization IT Demand and Supply processes

Balancing IT supply and demand to meet the needs of the organization and speed up the digital realization processes.

Develop Communication, Tools & Templates

Making clear to the organization what we are doing and drafting clear and consistent tools & templates for uniformity.

Training & Coaching

Providing training based on real life examples in combination with different frameworks to develop necessary competences.

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