Understanding your challenges

The Digital Transformation Scan diagnoses your organization holistically from four different angles: Digital Innovation, Business Value, People, and Organization. This results in a clear report describing the most important challenges and focus points of your organization. The scan is based on sixty years of Research & Implementation learnings of the CPS 6.1™ framework.

Gain insight into your most important challenges and focus points.

Leveraging collaborative sessions to make strategic choices

When your organization’s challenges and focus points are clear, we help to envision the way forward to move in the same direction at the same speed. We need to align around shared values, an actionable mission, a supported and inspirational vision and value propositions. Once this ‘frame’ is clear, the strategy is defined by choosing purposeful and explicitly based on objectives.

Defining the organizational (Business & IT) direction and moving it to execution in an orderly and cost-effective way

We prepare holistic business views based on capabilities, end-to-end value delivery, information, processes, and the organizational structure on the one hand and a holistic plan of how the organization’s technology assets must function on the other hand. This way you have a blueprint how the organization must function in the future and is it clear how the bridge between strategy, business functionalities and IT is made. The sequential transition is visualized in the Transformation roadmap together with the according budget indications.

Monitoring and steering the strategy execution based on objectives while focusing on internal clarity & communication

For the projects defined on the transformation roadmap we use a dashboard to visualize the program objectives and move everybody in the same direction. It helps to set priorities and to increase productivity. In the continuous process we facilitate, monitor and steer to increase transparency and detect resistance. If needed, communication and tools & templates are created to increase clarity.

For the digital projects on Transformation Roadmap, different vendors are selected. The proposed solutions are screened considering the scope of your digital projects and compared based on critical architecture scenarios. During the implementation, we manage the technology suppliers as a single point of contact to ensure they deliver within deadlines, on budget, and are strategically defined. In your organization, we take care of program and project management.

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