A structured approach for your digital transformation


Understanding your challenges

The Digital Transformation Scan diagnoses your organization holistically from four different angles: Digital Innovation, Business Value, People, and Organization. This results in a clear report describing the most important challenges and focus points of your organization. The scan is based on sixty years of Research & Implementation learnings of the CPS 6.1™ framework.

Gain insight into your most important challenges and focus points.

Co-creating a digital transformation roadmap

When your organization’s challenges and focus points are clear, we collect relevant information inside and outside your organization. Within your organization: current processes, structures, and policies, needs, and expectations of employees, team collaboration, the role of management …

Outside the organization: relations with and the expectations of customers and suppliers, social trends, market analyses, UX/UI principles, competitor analysis.

This results in a total concept incorporating the vision, roles, processes, technology & tools needed for operational efficiency and engagement with clients and suppliers.

For the business cases with a clear ROI, a specific Digital Transformation Roadmap is created. This roadmap incorporates both rational technology solutions and emotional change aspects

Managing the digital projects

For the digital projects on the Digital Transformation Roadmap, different vendors are selected. The proposed solutions are screened in light of the scope of your digital projects and compared based on critical business scenarios.

During the implementation, we manage the technology suppliers as a single point of contact to ensure they deliver within deadlines, on budget, and are strategically defined. In your organization, we take care of project management.

Change Coaching & Training

It’s only possible to get the maximum return from your digital transformation when everybody is on board, and the organization is ready for change!

Typically, a transformation may include some tension between the current situation and the future state. Therefore, during the THINK phase, a coaching backlog is created, clarifying what needs to happen to make the transformation a success.

During the LAND phase, we guide the people in your organization with training and coaching on different levels: management, individual, teams, and stakeholders, so that the change will be embedded.

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