Digital transformation & optimization, including clients and suppliers

Royal Crown cvba is a purchasing group of independent kitchen traders and manufacturers. The challenge was to lower the operational costs and reduce the number of mistakes in ordering and invoicing. ACOMPANY translated this into a new ERP system, which was integrated with other different systems for a total solution that facilitates Royal Crown’s ambition to grow. The total solution also includes a clear dashboard to manage based on KPIs. Royal Crown performed the development in-house.


Determining needs

To understand the internal challenges, the needs for both clients and suppliers, and the needs of Royal Crown in light of the future, we conducted a Think phase. This phase included a strategic orientation to clarify the goals and ambitions, a customer and supplier insight workshop, and an internal process mapping to visualize the potential improvements.

Service design & Digital Transformation Roadmap

With a clear view of the needs, we analyzed the challenges and focus points that had priority. As a result, in the next step, a service design concept was created where vision, roles, processes, technology & tools for operational efficiency, and engagement from clients and suppliers were brought together.

Focusing on the desired result, the service design concept was used to get feedback from the different stakeholders to increase acceptance.

For the business cases with a clear ROI, a specific digital transformation roadmap was created. This roadmap gave clarity to everyone by explaining which elements of the service design concept would be realized and in which order.

Steering and guiding

In the Steer phase, we carried out the project management of the digital transformation roadmap, and we guided the design concept by making sure that we attended the steering committee meetings and gave feedback during sprint demos.
For each sprint, a high-level validation test was performed.

Participating in the change process

To guide the implementation and change processes, ACOMPANY’s Digital Change Manager participated in the change process to cultivate transparency and advise and coach on experience and design.

This is what our client is saying about our collaboration

Due to the fact that our business has been growing the last couple of years, the development of a new ERP was crucial. As a large SME we wanted to tackle this in a more structured way so we asked ACOMPANY to facilitate the process. They approached this from a Digital Transformation perspective and optimized every process but also involved our customers and suppliers. The result was great and our future vision was translated in a service design concept and roadmap. Afterwards a Digital Transformation Manager has managed the implementation and facilitated the change process.

Frank Rombouts
Managing Director